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Fall In Love With Your Hair

        Sabre Salon Offers

  Only PREMIUM Extensions 
100% Highest Quality First Cut Remy Hair 

(16 to 22 inches, straight & wavy, natural,   creative, & Ombre colors)

Extensions Please!

I'll Have What She's Having


*First Time and New Clients require Personalized Consultation (10 min - we assess hair health, density, goals, best methods, color matching)

*Deposit (non-refundable) required to reserve hair - applied towards extension service.

*All new clients receive an extension brush and dry shampoo courtesy of Sabre Salon


  • Each head is different, some may need more, some less depending on density and texture.
  • Charges for hair varies per type of extension used              - Tape-In, Keratin Fusion, or i-Link
  • Charges for installation is separate                          

*Some extension types aren't suitable for all heads       


Starts at Previous Installation Cost

(every 4 to 7 weeks for tape/i-link,  every 8 to 12 for fusion) 

REMOVAL  - starts at $150


Q: I have really short hair, but I want long hair. Am I a good candidate for extensions?

A: Shoulder length hair blends more easily with extensions. It really depends on how short your hair is. A consult will resolve any hesitation.

Q: I have fine/thin hair. Can I still get extensions?

A: Yes.  One of the methods we offer will suit you, be discreetly placed, and look fabulous. A consult will resolve any concerns.

Q: I want extensions but I heard they damage your hair. Is that true?

A: Processing/lightening your hair causes more damage than extensions. The most you can expect is that your hair will have very minimal breakage during adjustments, but this is similar to when you remove a rubber band. Hair naturally sheds, so when you see extra hair fall out during adjustments or removal, this is due to the naturally shed hair still being affixed to the keratin, tape, or micro bead that would have fallen away naturally during brushing.

Q: I just got extensions and my head hurts. Why?

A: Not everyone is a good candidate for extensions, especially if you have an overly sensitive scalp.  Extensions can cause a tight, pulling, or uncomfortable sensation (similar to a tight ponytail) for a couple of days. The amount of pulling also depends on the length of your extensions. 16 and 18 inches are okay, but 22 inch extensions are very heavy. Again, this usually only lasts a few days so make sure you are willing to handle this if it occurs.

Q: I got extensions, but a few have fallen out within a few days of getting them. Why?

A: i-link extensions can sometimes slip. We will always reattach free of charge. In the meantime, avoid brushing too hard, not rinsing out your conditioner well enough, or using oil intensive styling products. We want to make sure that you always feel proud of your hair.