Retouch  is a root only service. This is for gray coverage or one dimensional or Ombre color and I have previously done the color service. *Always rebook for 4 to 6 weeks to make sure your root outgrowth isn't too long which can create a resistance in absorption of color. 

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BALAYAGE  is a technique that uses more natural brush strokes to create a highlight effect that is more natural and less uniform. Some highlights are thicker and some thinner. The base color of the hair at the root stays more natural so that when the hair grows out, there isn't a harsh outgrowth line.
Ombre is a graduation of color usually from dark to light. The natural hair color is preserved and then gradually lightens in levels towards the ends of the hair which are the lightest. This helps with outgrowth by looking more natural. There should be no hard lines between color graduation. (includes sombre and color melts)
Creative Color uses color deposits that don't fall in the regular brown, blonde, or red ranges. These are vibrant blues, purples, pink, or a combination of hues. These colors can fade easily and require more upkeep. These look best in an Ombre style.
Color Correction is a color service for those who have had harsh box black dye, used box color, red going back to natural hair color, or received an incorrect color service at another salon, or any other pigments such as greens, blues, oranges that require stripping or multiple processes.

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All of Sabre Salon stylists received hands-on training with Tab Sabre, the owner and color and extension specialist before seeing their first client. Education is an important value of our craft and all stylists receive continued education to stay on top of trends and to keep skills sharp through weekly in-salon training, local workshops, yearly national technical workshops, webinars and multi-media. Our stylists are continuously and highly trained with multiple certifications:

Extensions, Pravana Color,  & Brazilian Blowout.